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Ep #44: Qadar

Ep #44: Qadar

June 5, 2020

“Could it be that all along, we have lived the life we should have lived and that everything we’ve done has been what we should have done.”  -Byron Katie

I was supposed to attend a workshop by Bryon Katie in June. I've enjoyed listening to and reading about her teaching. This is an episode on Byron Katie's teachings and the concept of Qadar in Islam. 

It is interesting to explore thoughts especially given the uncertainty of today's world. 


Ep #43: Enough Money

Ep #43: Enough Money

May 29, 2020

Money is never a problem until we use our thoughts to make it a problem. When do we have enough? 

The amount of money you have now is the result of your previous money thoughts..and the amount of money you will create in the future will be the result of your current thoughts. 

Our energy and approach are different coming from abundance vs. a place of lack. 

What are your thoughts?

Money was  _________________.

Money is ______________________.

Money will be ____________________. 


Tune into this episode on a discussion around scarcity and abundance mindset. 

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Ep #42: Dollar-cost averaging

Ep #42: Dollar-cost averaging

April 17, 2020

Got a chunk of cash to invest? 

Lucky you! Now you might be wondering if you should invest all of it at once or put a little bit into the market?

That’s what we will discuss in this week’s episode. What is dollar-cost averaging and if it is a good idea. 

The answer really depends on your psychology. 

Also, Ramadan Kareem! I will be taking a pause from recording podcasts, but I am available otherwise iA. Please feel free to email me admin@wealthymuslimwomen.us if any questions.

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Ep #41: Money Talk

Ep #41: Money Talk

April 10, 2020

In this week's episode, Dr. Hani Ahmed and I talk about money. Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Hussein are hosts of Professional Muslim Women podcast. We discussed budget, debt, investing, and everything else related to finance. 

Please check out and let us know if you have any further questions. 

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Ep #40: CARES Act

Ep #40: CARES Act

April 3, 2020

CARES: Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security


  • to help provide financial stability for individuals and businesses impacted by COVID-19.
  • It is a $2 trillion stimulus bill, signed into law on March 27th.
  • It is the largest emergency aid package in our history.
  • It will send money directly to Americans affected by the virus.  
  • Broad - addressing the number of industries, and still a lot to understand. Let's concentrate on 2 main objectives: Individuals and Small businesses.


Ep #39: Estate Planning

Ep #39: Estate Planning

March 27, 2020
“It is the duty of a Muslim who has ANYTHING to bequest, not to let two nights pass without writing a will about it.” Sahih al-Bukhari
Ep #38: Recession and Mindset

Ep #38: Recession and Mindset

March 20, 2020
We have an amazing guest today, Andaleeb Hamad.  Andaleeb is a 1st-grade teacher and mindset coach for moms. She helps mom deal with all mom related issues, including mom guilt and overwhelm. In this episode, she speaks about her journey as a SAHM, feeling unfulfilled, and finding her path to teaching. We also discussed how to speak with our kids regarding this pandemic. You can connect with Andaleeb using the links below. 

Regarding the stock market, it went up for a little bit on Monday, then decreased again. This is normal. We are living in the world of a pandemic. The cruise lines took a big hit. This is why I speak about mutual funds and ETFs a lot, not individual companies. Mutual funds are self-cleaning. Tune into to hear what that means.  We never want to buy/sell in hype or a panic. 

You can connect with Andaleeb in her Facebook group called: Positive Minded Women.
Ep #37: Corona and the bear market

Ep #37: Corona and the bear market

March 13, 2020

Well, the 11 years of the bull market ended with this new virus scare. We are officially in the bear market, with >20% drop. What does this all mean? What lessons can we learn? 

First discussion regarding the coronavirus, why this particular strand is so dangerous. Then we discuss the importance of an emergency fund. Also, discussing that the market goes up and down. It can seem like a roller coaster. But over all, the market goes up. Many protective blocks have been placed since the Great Depression, which dropped the market by 90%. 

We, as Muslims, do believe at the end of time. Qayamt is inevitable, if this is the end of times, then money does not matter anyway. :) 


Ep #36:  What to do during the dip?

Ep #36: What to do during the dip?

March 6, 2020

What investment strategies to use during the dip? 

Coronavirus is around now, remember to wash your hands. Do not go to work or school if you are sick. 

Regarding the market, the best advice John Bogle received is that  "nobody knows nothing."

Understanding the difference between investment, speculations, vs. gambling. 

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Ep #35: Time

Ep #35: Time

February 28, 2020

Time: the most valuable asset we have. It is a finite resource. 

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet also get the same 24hrs/day, 7days/week, just like us!

Some people can accomplish more in life. 

This is a skill, we can all develop it. 

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